Foreign franchising development



Why choose to develop a franchise abroad?

The dream of every franchisor is the expansion abroad, to see their brand shine on the most elegant streets of the Côte d’Azur (as happened to successful brands such as La Piadineria or La Bottega del Caffè), or in a luxury London shopping center, as it happened for Carpisa, Natuzzi, Lavazza.

Expansion abroad is the crowning achievement of a franchise entrepreneur’s dream: it is the ultimate testament to having succeeded in a great enterprise. However, the road to success is full of obstacles and there are some useful tips to limit errors. Such as the choice to start from a country with similar characteristics to the original one (e.g. the aforementioned France or Spain) or the start of a scrupulous market analysis to understand if there is a real profitability for affiliates. Last but not least, the study of the country’s customs and customs and a reflection on the logistical aspects, fundamental especially if franchising operates in the field of food.

  • How can I protect my brand in Europe?

    If you want to protect the trademark at Community level, you must submit the application for registration to the EUIPO, which is the European Union Office for Intellectual Property.

  • What are the most attractive markets for the growth of my franchise network?

    A benchmarking activity can help you understand in advance what is the international vocation of your brand and how much time you could spend to expand your affiliate proposal abroad.

  • I have obtained an application for affiliation abroad, do I need a Master Franchising contract?

    No, you don’t need it. A traditional franchise contract is enough. A Master Franchising contract has its own logic, look at the answer to the previous question.

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