How to organize social media in franchising

How to digitize your own franchise network


We manage in out-sourcing: social media profiles, create e-commerce websites and related online advertising campaigns (to consumer / to franchisee). We can develop the entire store digitization process.
Communication is a strategic asset the franchise. In fact, investing well in communication improves brand perception, so-called brand awareness, and makes it much easier to find new franchisees.

A successful franchisor never leaves communication aspects to chance and builds standards within the operations manual and trains his franchisees in marketing, because he knows that a communication error can weaken the network he has so painstakingly built.

To build effective communication efforts there are several stages to go through. The first is called benchmarking, which is to be inspired in one’s strategies and creativity by those brands that are able to communicate better than others. Only by studying the best can an entrepreneur truly improve his brand communication.

There are brands that have achieved extraordinary results, in fans and interactions, thanks to their communication strategies.
One tricky aspect is social media management. To prevent the communication ranks from falling into the hands of inexperienced people, a franchisor must:

  • choose whether or not to centralize social media management, and in the case of decentralization, establish strict rules in the brand manual for channel management;
  • create an effective communication plan, in which to determine what and how to communicate, what the goals are, and with what budget.

Social media is a very slippery slope into which it is easy to fall. One of the most common mistakes that franchisors make is wanting to occupy all channels when it would be preferable to choose to attend only the places that are most suitable for the company’s communication.

Communication management is often a source of conflict between franchisors and franchisees. When starting a franchise chain it often happens, for economic or operational reasons, that the management of communication is delegated almost entirely to the franchisees.

Although this solution is most often unavoidable, our advice is to check messages to ensure that communication is unambiguous. A useful strategy for the franchisor is to implement graphics with set text and images to reduce the danger of brand messages appearing uneven in the eyes of customers.

How to build a brand and how to implement communication strategies for a franchise network is discussed in depth in Chapter 6 of the book Let’s Franchise.
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