A franchising network with a purely digital business model, is it possible?

“If a dream has so many obstacles, it means it’s the right one,” is a quote by Bob Marley that seems perfect for current times and especially for those trying to build a franchising network in the midst of the Coronavirus emergency.

Following the pandemic, many entrepreneurs in franchising have thought about diversifying their businesses, changing their model on the fly. Like Seta Beauty, which during the last lockdown managed to increase its orders by 300%, as stated by the administrator on Economy Mag. How did they manage it, considering it’s an aesthetic center? They focused entirely on online product sales and created free services for users: they offered video tutorials, where some “beauty specialists” explained how to use the products and which ones were most suitable for the client’s skin type, as well as providing targeted consultations, always free, one-to-one.

Others, on the other hand, did it even before COVID, building franchises on business models solely based on digital. Their stories show that it is possible to create a network remotely, using digital channels and reducing the costs associated with choosing a physical location. In this article, I’ll tell you about some “all-digital” franchising businesses that can inspire you.

Remote home-based businesses to launch: education and dating

If you think about it, there are two needs, in particular, that people have and that the lockdown has made it difficult to satisfy. The first is the right to socialize, and the other is the right to education.

In the first case, I’m specifically talking about dating, which had a turnover in Italy of 15 billion last year, according to SpeedDate.it data. Today, the difficulty of meeting people, with the closure of bars and places where young people gather, reinforces a trend that has been growing for several years, that of finding one’s partner online (for homosexual couples, the percentages of online meetings exceed 70%). There are even several studies showing that relationships born online work better than traditional ones. Along these lines, “digital-only” franchises have been created with the aim of connecting people and creating new couples, such as the British Trust Match, which operates in the online dating field.

Online education is another field where interesting opportunities open up for both franchisors and franchisees. A report by Global Market Insights estimates a 7% annual growth in the market until 2025, when eLearning will reach a global value of $190 billion. There are interesting competitors to study, such as the American Challenge Island, which now has hundreds of affiliates: focusing on high-level training, especially in the IT field, the brand is particularly aimed at teenagers passionate about coding who want to improve their skills.

eLearning is also growing in Italy

The implementation of 5G technology combined with Covid 19 is exponentially increasing the online education market in our country. If you don’t want to build your network but are looking for proposals to affiliate with, there are two very interesting realities that I’ll mention.

I’m talking about Mia Digital University, an international business school, with a model that has already been successfully tested in Spain and is ready to launch in Italy, creating educational and professional paths that respond to the current demands of the job market.

And then there’s Digital Coach: a platform that trains young and old people in emerging digital professions, growing by 600% in four years. Like Mia Digital University, Digital Coach will also be ready for launch in Italy in 2021. Both platforms offer entry with affordable figures, as well as flexible and advantageous agreements for franchisees.

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